Vampire War




Ah, a newborn, welcome to the under world!
For centuries uncounted, we bloods stand atop of the world, reigning over the reigns of the mortal worlds.
There was a challenger - lupines, or werewolves called by the mortals, which we have fought for centuries and merged victory against them in the end.
And hence came the Sacred War, divided all our bloods into three Races - the Masker, the Monstrum, and the Independent. We take different paths towards our final death in Armageddon.
And so like every old story, here began the conflict for the sarcophagus which is rumored as containing the body of the Third Mortal Ancestor, the first vampire, as some believed. Truth or not, with the civil war broke among the bloods and Races, there again rise the lupines, and mortals like Hunters.
My Lord, my story has ended. Now how would you lead us to finish this chaos and bring us back to the dominance we once held?
- Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Game for iPhone and iPod Touch!
- Enjoy gorgeous graphics and exciting battle animations!
- FREE updates with new missions, skills, slaves, and more!
- Strengthen your tribe and collect powerful heroes with different skills!
- Fight against legendary heroes and you may even recruit them to fight for you!
- Team battle system enables you to join an epic war with hundreds versus hundreds!
- Bring your friends into your conclave to make it stronger
- Perform numerous dark missions
- Loot rare items and skills
- Get real time updates
- Great real-time chat system
- ...and much, much more!
- This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.